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Employment Contracts For California Executives

At Shulman Bastian Friedman & Bui LLP, we negotiate, draft and review employment contracts for high-level employees (executives) and the businesses seeking to hire them.

Executive employment contracts must address key concerns for executives, officers and the businesses considering them for employment. The executive employment contract is a vital contract that defines the rights and obligations of both the employee and the company. Key elements of executive employment contracts include:

  • Base salary
  • Benefit plans
  • Signing bonuses
  • Annual bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Noncompete and non-solicitation provisions
  • Trade secret protection

Omissions and ambiguities in employment contracts can result in costly litigation. Our transactional and employment law lawyers know how to document executive employment contracts that stand up to scrutiny. We will carefully review your employment contracts to make sure your rights and interests are protected before anything becomes final.