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Trustee Representation In California Bankruptcies

Acting as trustee in a complex bankruptcy can feel like navigating through a legal minefield. Hiring an experienced bankruptcy law firm can ease your concerns and prevent unnecessary liabilities. At Shulman Bastian Friedman & Bui LLP, our lawyers are a trusted source of legal guidance for bankruptcy trustees throughout California. We understand your duties and obligations and can provide you with the skilled guidance you need for any bankruptcy case.

Experienced Representation For Bankruptcy Trustees

As a bankruptcy trustee, you bear a fiduciary duty to both creditors and debtors, and your duties are accompanied by numerous ethical obligations. A single misstep or oversight could expose you or your estate to significant liability.

We advise trustees on every aspect of their duties, from the marshaling and recovery of bankruptcy assets to management and liquidation. We routinely practice in bankruptcy courts throughout California.

Our attorneys are prepared to respond to compromise motions, objections to exemptions, relief from stay and myriad other issues that can arise in a complex bankruptcy.