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It may seem cliché, but a small business owner is constantly learning, regardless of what industry they are in. But there may be something to this, given the sheer volume of business development and management books on store shelves. In the spirit of constant growth for business owners, we dedicate this post to highlighting some unheralded, yet effective business books that every entrepreneur should read. The complete list was compiled on

The Small Business Millionaire – This fictional story of a cash-strapped business owner highlights a number of grass roots marketing strategies that every business owner should take into account regardless of whether they have a full marketing budget or are struggling to make ends meet. 

To Be Or Not to Be Intimidated? That is the Question – The remake of the original 1973 publication can help entrepreneurs understand and develop the “tough skin and savvy positioning skills” necessary to survive the constantly changing landscape of small business.

The Pumpkin Plan – For those entrepreneurs who want to take their business from ordinary to extraordinary, this book provides actionable strategies and step-by-step guides for moving one’s business from just being a basic company to a burgeoning enterprise.

No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs – The old adage “time is money” is more than just a saying. Because of this, this book on time management can be considered a fundamental standard for how business owners should defend their time.

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