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When a business has an insurance dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Business Litigation

Unexpected events can be very tough on a business. They can expose a business to sudden, major financial losses. Such losses can have the potential to impact a business on some pretty deep levels and, in some circumstances, could even put a business’ entire future in danger.

Preparing for the possibility of unexpected events and building up some protection against the potential negative financial effects of such events is something many business owners put considerable efforts towards. One form of protection many business owners seek in this regard is business insurance. There are a wide range of different insurance policies businesses can take out, with different policies out there for addressing different sorts of potential future unexpected events.

When a business gets an insurance policy, they expect it to serve its purpose if the type of unexpected event it is aimed at addressing occurs. One thing that could keep it from doing so is if, after the event occurs, the insurer who provided the policy unfairly denies the business’ insurance claim or makes the business a claim payment offer that is less than what the insurance policy entitles the business to.

An unfair business insurance claim underpayment attempt or denial could result in a business being exposed to the devastating unexpected-event-related financial impacts that it got the insurance policy to try to avoid. Thus, responding properly to an unfair denial/underpayment attempt can be vital for a business.

Our firm provides legal support and help to businesses that suspect that they are being treated unfairly by their insurer in relation to a business insurance claim. We are very knowledgeable in insurance dispute matters and can guide businesses through the various aspects of their insurance dispute.