Protecting against liabilities with comprehensive business planning

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In all aspects of life, the decisions we make now will have qualitative and quantitative effects in the short and long terms. The same goes for business. 

Attorneys at Shulman, Hodges & Bastian LLP have a wealth of experience in negotiating and drafting sound legal documents that protect against liabilities now and in the future. Whether you’re forming a new company, drafting a shareholder agreement, negotiating an employment contract or conducting a real estate transaction, it is important to have a full-service legal team on your side to protect your interests.

If you’re forming a new business entity, then what sort of business structure will yield the best results? The answer to that question should take into account matters of personal liability, tax implications and how profits should be divided. An entity formation attorney can advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of any of these business types:

  • Limited liability company
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Sub-chapter C corporation
  • Sub-chapter S corporation
  • Traditional partnership
  • Joint venture
  • Subsidiary

A business law attorney can also help you avoid pitfalls by addressing any federal and state compliance issues, including audits and financial reporting. Along these same lines, a comprehensive policy regarding document retention can be crucial to risk management.

The life of a business can have many ups and downs. If you intend to step away from your business, then you’ll need a cost-efficient plan for winding down operations, selling assets and addressing any debt issues that may exist.

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